852 in 1 NES Nintendo Multi Games Cartridge Multi Cart -Zelda, Mario Bros, Metroid etc



The Best NES Multi Cartridge So Far Produced

At 852, More Games than any other NES Multi cartridge!

PAL and NTSC compatible. Instructions for switching regions are on the cartridge.

Record breaking multi game NES cartridge with 852 games, including many rare collectible titles, not seen in a single cartridge. See the accompanying images to view the cart’s contents. Comes with a dust cover.

Alphabetical menus and all in English, with no repeats. Each game is 100% full version.

The content is accessed via two menus. To switch between menus for the 405 list and the 447 list, simply Press SELECT.


Works perfectly on:

Original Nintendo NES
Retron systems HD, 1, 2, & 3
Retro Bit systems and Gamerz Tek
Other quality hardware clones (not emulation)

Does not work on:

The Retron 5 and Retro Freak (Android emulators)


Games which were made with a save feature will support a save file here. Only one save is supported at a time, so keep playing the current game is you wish to keep saving it. Saving a different game will overwrite the previous game save.


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