ELITE SADES PS4 Wireless Controller – SADES Latest Version PS4 Controller


  • A fully customizable and stylish controller! This wireless PS4 controller can be adjusted to your preferences
  • Three different thumbsticks – two different D-pads – four different back paddles.
  • Trigger buttons can be locked to only push halfway for faster button clicking.
  • Comes with a USB wireless adapter and a charging cable.
Available: In stock


Elite SADES PS4 Wireless Controller For PlayStation 4 – Latest Version

The latest luxury SADES PS4 Controller offers multi-touch and trigger buttons, enhanced to offer players absolute control for all games on the PlayStation 4. Dual competitive sticks make accurate micro-distance and flexible movement possible. And sensitive trigger buttons bring you an excellent gaming experience.

A high quality non-slip surface is great for providing better grip all around the controller for elevated better performance, and enables long and comfortable play sessions. The controller does not have a headset interface, so cannot work with a wired headset.


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