Fidget Cube 2 – Stress Relief Toy & Focus Tool For Adults & Children



Fidget Cube 2 – Great Stress Relief Toy For Adults & Children

The Fidget Cube II is a desk toy for anyone who fidgets, either knowingly, or unknowingly. It’s a modern day squeeze toy, but featuring many sides; each side offering something to play or ‘fidget’ with.

Focus Tool For Those with Attention Difficulties

Fidgeting is said to aid creativity and thought, that with the right tools and outlet, such as a Fidget Cube, can have positive and real-life applications. It’s claimed that fidgeting may help Children who have ADHD improve focus.

So whether you’re in the office, commuting, in class, studying, having a meeting, or just watching TV, there’s a place for a Fidget Cube.

Although pens, which inspired the Fidget Cube, offer great clickable action, they’re not quite provide the ‘toolbox’ that the Fidget Cube does.


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