NEW Google Cardboard VERSION 2 Virtual Reality 3D Glasses-Max Fit 6.0″


Google Cardboard Version 2

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Google Cardboard Version 2, not version 1

Google Cardboard Version 2 sets up in 3 steps, quicker than version one. A textured button that touches the screen has replaced version 1’s magnet, and seems more usable. On some phones, covers might have to be removed to fasten the velcro securely. Generally, it works with the majority of phones, and is considered better than the original version.

On version 2, the lenses are stuck inside and fit well, while the nose panel appears to be a little bigger. Version 1 has a wall between the eye pieces; on V2 there isn’t. V2 has one peace of velcro at the top, and an overall better finish.

Key points:
Fits phone up to a 6″ screen size. Works with iPhones and Android devices
3-Step assembly in less than 10 seconds. Just slide, flip, and secure
Securely packaged in a protective sleeve. Easily fold back into the protective sleeve when not in use
‘Asymmetrical biconvex’ lenses. 34mm in Diameter, with a 45mm focal length.
New input method. Conductive foam button replaces the magnet switch arrangement

How does the Google Cardboard 2/Phone/App Combination work?

With two lenses positioned in front of the phone screen, software generates separate images, each with a slightly different perspective for each eye, which the brain interprets as 3D. The phone’s gyroscope sensor tracks head movement, and virtual reality apps match the rendered image to the current view direction, allowing the user to look around.

Got the Phone and Google Cardboard 2; now what?

Go to the relevant apps store, and download Google Cardboard; away you go.

Package includes:

1 * Google Cardboard 2 box


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