SD2SNES Super Nintendo Everdrive Cartridge With 16GB SD Card 1000+ Games inc. Super Mario Kart


Play SNES Games that were Produced with Enhanced Chips such as Mario Kart

The SD card has over 1000 games, including Mario Kart, a game which can’t be played on a standard SNES Everdrive.

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SD2SNES Cartridge with 16GB SD Card

The SD2SNES flash cartridge handles more games than the 90% odd covered by the Super Everdrive. This is achieved by simulating a number of custom/enhancement chips, found in the likes of Super Mario Kart, etc.. These cartridges have been tested on various games, including Pilot Wings, Battle Racers (DSP-1 chip), Super Mario Kart (DSP-1/1B chip), Mega Man X2 (CX4 chip), Dungeon Master (DSP-2 chip), Top Gear 3000 (DSP-4 chip), and F1 ROC II: Race of Champions NA EU Exhaust Heat II (ST010 chip). Additionally, Super FX chips are supported. Loading is practically instant, as is the menu and general navigation.

Supported Chips:

  • Super FX chip (Super Mario World 2: Yoshi’s Island, Star Fox)
  • Cx4 chip (Mega Man X2)
  • DSP-1 (Pilotwings and Mario Kart)
  • S-DD1 (Star Ocean)
  • SA1 chip (Kirby Super Star, Dragon Ball 2)
  • ST010 (Exhaust Heat II)

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