Virtual Reality Head Set VR–Solid Google Cardboard–Cheap Oculus Set Up-Gear VR


3D VR Headset + Smart Phone = Cheap VR Experience!


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The RIEM headset is a head mounted plastic 3D pair of virtual reality (VR) glasses, similar to ‘Google Cardboard’ (but durable plastic). Included is a magnetic switch, used for a magnetic response function, like the “Google Cardboard” 1 offering. Sliding the magnet changes the magnetic field, which allow you to control games or applications that support the function. A sucker pad inside the cover of the 3D glasses, firmly sucks the smart phone, keeping it on place.

The spherical resin lens can be adjusted by moving the button on top of the 3D VR glasses to get a better viewing experience. Comfort and suitability for different people is ensured by a flexible and adjustable head strap. Screen sizes of up to 6.0in (3.5 ~ 6.0in) are supported, while holes in the glasses are specifically designed for a data/charge cable, letting you charge your smart phone during use, such as watching films.

Headset specifications:
Color: Black
Size: 17.0 * 13.5 *10.0 cm / 6.69 * 5.31 * 3.94in
Weight: 198g / 6.98oz

How does the Headset/Phone/App Combination work?

With two lenses positioned in front of the phone screen, software generates separate images, each with a slightly different perspective for each eye, which the brain interprets as 3D. The phone’s gyroscope sensor tracks head movement, and virtual reality apps match the rendered image to the current view direction, allowing the user to look around.

Got the Phone and the Headset; now what?

Downloads apps from either itunes (ios) or Google Play (Android), depending on your phone’s operating system.

Package includes:

1 * 3D Virtual Reality Glasses
1 * Magnetic Switch
1 * English User manual for 3D Glasses


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