Immersive VR Head Gear with Mini Bluetooth Controller

Sub-Type: VR Glasses
Brand: VR Plus
Type: Active 3D Glasses
Compatible with: 4.7-6.0 inch Smartphones

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New Generation of VR Head Gear with Improved Lenses for a More Immersive Experience

The VR Plus is a head mounted plastic 3D pair of virtual reality glasses, similar to ‘Google Cardboard’ (but durable plastic). This VR Plus offer is bundled with a deluxe ‘Mini Plus Controller ‘, pictured above. The controller/gamepad allows the user to interact with his/her phone, while in the VR environment. Such controllers are also used to take ‘selfies’ on a selfie stick, and other activities where phones are not in users’ hands.

Small and light, and easy to carry around, this model of 3D virtual reality glasses has been specially designed to clearly amplify the picture of your mobile phone, giving you a wonderful 3D experience. The VR PLus is compatible with more than 90% of mainstream mobile phones, and others.

A wonderful real 3D experience is offered via high quality ABS and spherical resin lens. It is particularly good for playing 3D games, and watching IMAX movies at home on a smartphone. A large field of vision (FOV) of between 85-95 degrees is larger than many other VR glasses, translating to a 1000 inches ‘big screen’ at a distance of 3m; a great 3D picture effect

The distance between the phone and the lens design can be adjusted so suit people of differing vision. Convenient to use for watching at any time, anywhere, whether sitting, lying or standing. It’s suitable for almost all kinds of smart phones (Android / IOS, etc.) with screens between 3.5~6.0 inches.

Technical points:

For: Mobile phones
Type: Virtual Reality 3D Glasses
Color: White, black
Material: ABS, Resin (solid, durable body)
Lens Diameter: 42mm
Focal Length: 75-80mm
Lens: Aspheric optical resin lenses
FOV: 85-95 degree
Adjustable Range: 65-75mm
Interpupillary Distance: 58-72mm
Applicable System: Android, IOS, Windows, etc.
Applies to Phone Sizes of: 3.5-6.0inch
Effect: Equivalent to 3 meters away to see a 100 inch screen
Item Size: 16 * 11.5 * 9.5 cm

The headset feels reassuringly solid, with thick adjustable headstraps for improved head support, and nice soft padding to ensure comfy contact. Lenses are really good; reportedly better than Google Cardboard, affording a more immersive experience. They are adjustable, left, right, backwards and forward, to calibrate vision. Good air circulation sees to the dissipation of heat (phones heat up while processing 3D).

To use, a smart phone is inserted into a removable cradle, which is quickly sized to safely secure the phone in place. It feels like a premium product, and would make a wonderful gift for dedicated VR hobbyists and casual users, alike. Games, apps, or just watching 3D films (and YouTube clips), this virtual reality combination has a variety of uses.

How does the VR Plus/Phone/App Combination work?

With two lenses positioned in front of the phone screen, software generates separate images, each with a slightly different perspective for each eye, which the brain interprets as 3D. The phone’s gyroscope sensor tracks head movement, and virtual reality apps match the rendered image to the current view direction, allowing the user to look around.

Got the Phone and the VR BOX; now what?

Downloads apps from either itunes (ios) or Google Play (Android), depending on your phone’s operating system.

Package includes:

1 X VR Plus Headmount 3D VR Virtual Reality Glasses
1 X Mini Plus Controller/Remote Control


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